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Author Topic: Capture The Teemo Guide  (Read 104 times)


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Capture The Teemo Guide
« on: April 18, 2014, 09:43:44 pm »

Catch the Teemo is a non-official game mode that was spawned by players with a deep seated hatred for the rodent. It has been around for awhile but I felt I should give it a post on Reign of Gaming in order to make the rules more easily accessible. The basic gist of it is that there is a player in each team that picks Teemo and runs around the map while the opposing team tries to kill him. He cannot fight back, stealth or stay in the same place for long and he cannot build tank items. The team that kills the opposing Teemo x amount of times will be declared the winning team.

The rules will be detailed below for the general rules, the players and for the Teemo. Some general tips and options will also be detailed below. This game involves several variables that can be "toggled" in order to customize the game a bit further.

General Rules
- The map is always Dominion
- You cannot leave the jungle or the giant circle
- You cannot capture any points
- All summoner spells are allowed
- You cannot recall back to the fountain
- Anyone can pick up the health items

Non-Teemo Rules
- You can only leave the fountain at 1:50 (gives the Teemo a head start)
- You can buy any items you choose
- You cannot camp the entrance to the jungle (you have to actively hunt Teemo)

Teemo Rules
- You must always be moving (no stealthing)
- You cannot stay in the same area for too long (camping)
- You can ONLY build movement speed items. Items such as Zephyr are allowed though.
- You cannot attack or put down mushrooms
- You cannot wait at the fountain to buy items (leave immediately)
- You cannot pick up the lightning buff

Variable Rules (custom rules)
- Players cannot buy items except movement speed
- Teemo can buy active items such as Randuin's Omen and Twin Shadows
- Teemo is replaced by Soraka who only builds tank and AP items (non-Soraka players can only build movement speed/attack speed)
- All Melee (no ranged champions)
- Any rules you want to set up with friends (doesn't ultimately matter)
- Teemo can pick up the lightning buff (he runs the risk of being jumped)


Some champions have been proven to be too strong in this game mode and have earned themselves bans from the game (though you can always make this an exception). The following champions are banned from the game and a few others are borderline. The bans are at the discretion of the group - they can choose to ban champions or not.

Twisted Fate - He basically does not have to chase Teemo in order to catch him. This one is a no brainer as his ultimate reveals Teemo (defeating the point of hiding) and his teleport catches Teemo for free (defeating the point of running).

Jarvan - His cataclysm traps Teemo completely and basically guarantees his death. Other walls at least allow Teemo a chance to run away while Jarvan's does not.

Kassadin and Lissandra - Both make chasing and controlling Teemo trivial. Kassadin has better chasing but Lissandra has more powerful Teemo lockdown.

Nasus and Nunu - Their slow are crippling and targeted. They aren't always banned because a skilled Teemo can juke them through line of sight and they tend not to be that strong in team fights.

Rammus - He chases Teemo very easily and his taunt locks Teemo down for a long time. However, he isn't as strong in team fights as other champions (in this game mode) and he can be blocked easily with teamwork.

Nocturne - He has a long gap closer that can catch Teemo but his ultimate can be cancelled with bushes and Teemo can outrun his tether.

Vi - Her ultimate is a point and click "death to Teemo" ultimate

Zilean - He's not exactly banned but his ultimate creates dilemmas for most people. If Teemo is revived by Zilean, it just counts as half a death.


There are two strategies to win the game so far. Both are actually rather viable and it depends on how well the team is able to work with each other. I have played both and both team compositions are insanely fun.

Teemo's Bodyguards - This team composition revolves around having a strong champion line up to slaughter the enemy team. The team protects their own Teemo by simply slaughtering those who try to slay him. Only after the enemy team is dead do they go and hunt the opposing Teemo. This composition tends to stick together and move as a wall while their Teemo sticks close to them.

Strong bodyguards - Garen, Singed, Thresh, Volibear, Leona

Teemo Assassins - This team composition revolves around picking champions that can outright slaughter Teemo by themselves. They can catch and lock him down long enough for the rest of the team to finish him off. They also tend to be mobile enough to avoid the enemy team.

Strong assassins - Shaco, Evelynn, Akali, Riven, Master Yi


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