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Title: Draft Race Rules thread
Post by: Popsucker on April 18, 2014, 11:13:32 pm
I'll work on bringing a forum friendly and updated version here, but for now, reference this.

Item Tier List

Tier 1
Bonetooth Necklace (Rengar unique), Boots of Mobility, Homeguard, Giant's Belt, Warmog's Armor, Oracle's Elixir, Shurelya's Reverie, Sight Ward, Vision Ward, Sightstone

Tier 2
Youmuu's Ghostblade, Randiun's Omen, Kage's Lucky Pick, Avarice Blade, Frozen Mallet, , Philosopher's Stone, Ohmwrecker, Twin Shadows

Tier 3
Shard of True Ice, Statikk Shiv, Iceborn Gauntlet, Chrystalline Flask, Bilgewater Cutlass (and its upgrades)

Tier 4
Everything else.

Some champions you should pick and why
Lee Sin
He is a great roamer because he has high damage and is able to snowball with his kills in the jungle. The best part about him is his mobility. He can travel around the jungle fast to help ally runners or stop an enemy from running. Because runners usually have dashes, Lee Sin's Q helps chase them down. Because of his 2 dashes, he's able to occasionally score points himself as well. Although he rarely reaches lvl 6, his ult is great at stopping runs.
There's a reason he's always, always banned. He can plant his boxes at the fountain to prevent points while away. Not only does he have a blink, it also gives him an invisibility. Usually invisible champs aren't worth it because the enemy will almost always see you, but Shaco is an exception. All runners with the exception of those like Vlad, should always have a dash so they can dodge skillshots, run while flash is down, and get around faster.
I belive Maokai is one of the best defenders, but he is rarely picked, and I cannot figure out why. He has both a stun and knockback. He also has free wards he can plant all around. The fact that roots and dashes to enemies sometimes even help him run. Although now, since wards are free with Sightstones, Maokai has become slightly less useful.
Twisted Fate
TF is an iffy one. He can only be played if the player can land gold cards ALL THE TIME. Because it's the only form of CC he has, he's very reliant on it. His passive also helps a bit. The only reason to play him over other stuns like Sion is because of his ultimate, which gives him easy free points after lvl 6.
He's always forgotten as a runner. His dash ability isn't far, and he has little to offer in terms of defense. However, his natural tankiness goes a long way and can survive and run better than most runners.
He's another example of a champion that excels in everything. Best as a defense, his 3 second taunt is one of the best CC's for Draft Race. As a roam, he can react to events around the map very quickly. He is one of the very few champs that can survive running across a tower instead of jumping over a wall. However, this is very tricky to do because either minions or defenders will block the power ball. He is overrated as a runner and underrated as a defender.

Some champions you shouldn't pick and why
A champion should never, ever be picked just for its ultimate. You will almost never get to lvl 6 in a game. Kassadin has almost no CC. His silence doesn't do too much, and his E is rarely up. His ultimate isn't even that great. He can still easily be hard CC'd and killed because he is squishy. Kassadin is a horrible champion to use.
He is a horrible runner but is commonly picked. Newcomers carry the assumption that because he can run fast, he's a good runner. This is completely not true. Although speed helps, having a blink/dash helps much much more at running. His invisibility doesn't help too much because he can't move.
Again, she is an overused pick and ban, but usually a bad pick. She's even worse now after her remake. People think that they can just simply sneak into base while invisible. With Eve, you'd have to flash over the wall, and use your speed ability which is very noticeable. With the remake, units can see you by simply being nearby. Defenders will make enough gold to buy a vision ward by the time your flash is up again. She's barely viable because she's able to sneak past Sight Wards, remove slows, and run faster. The Oracles nerf also helps her.
For the love of god, stop picking Tristana. The only thing she has is her jump. Plenty of other champions can do the same thing, but with a better kit and usually at least 1 form of any cc. It makes me sad to see people picking Tristana and leaving Shen. The only other helpful ability is her ultimate, which shouldn't be up as a runner. I don't know what makes people want to pick her so much despite her being probably the worst champion in Draft Race that can go through walls.

General Suggestions
You will almost never reach lvl 6. Don't pick champions because of their ultimate.
If you're getting a lot of kills, you don't want to run and give them gold and xp.
Defenders don't always have to defend. The good defenders go out once in a while to score a point.
Flash and Exhaust is highly recommended on all. I see some people with ignite or ghost, but I don't think they're very useful.
Get your roamer fed.
Buy plenty of wards at base.
GP5 used to be a necessity in S2,but is becoming less popular because there's more gold to everyone in S3. Defenders are still suggested to get them.
Everyone should buy Boots of Mobility. Being able to run more often and at the right times usually beats the tenacity of a Mercury's Treads or the armor of a Ninja Tabi, which are two other viable boots. Boots of Swiftness is a bad item overall.
Items like Shurelyas Reverie are very good because it gives GP5, HP, and Speed
Zeals/Phantom Dancers are usually not worth it. It's better to get tank items instead for running.
Because Oracle's stays after death, runners can now buy this item and put it to good use. However, it is still best for roamers because they'd have the most gold and get the most gold out of it. Defenders should rely on pink wards instead.
Don't waste flash/exhaust just to get a kill in the jungle. It's much better used defending or running.
As a runner, don't get preoccupied by kills. They'll just waste your time and HP, preventing you from a run. Points are always better than kills.
If you're a defender with a stun, wait for the enemy runner to be under a turret to stun them and let the turret deal all the damage. Because it's possible to run without getting hit by a single turret, hard CC is best with another defender with either a knockback or a pull.
Never buy potions as a Defender or Runner. Gold is rare and you shouldn't waste it on stuff like that.

Season 3 notes
I'm going to post some basic notes about the Season 3 patch here. I'm not going to add anything to the rest of the thread untill I have more experience with everything here.
Because of the introduction of new masteries, I'll probably make a mastery/runes section. Just for now know that for runners 0/21/9 and for defenders 0/9/21 seem to work best. For runes, I used to run GP5, but they feel very weak now in S3.
The removal of Heart of Gold will lead to other items being rushed. This will mean people will generally skip Randiun's Omen, and get Warmog's instead.
Because they move around a lot, Statikk Shiv sounds like a good item for roamers. Roamers like Skarner might look into items like Iceborn Gauntlet.
Because Promote and Quicksilver Sash were banned in S2, Mercurial Scimitar and Banner of Command are banned.

Special Thanks to:
XeN Myst1k

I will probably add on to this soon. Updates are coming!
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Sounds awesome! Can't wait to try this out.
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He forgot amumu in his tier list
Amumu is very sad
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I'm down lol, sounds super fun!!